The Dak Prescott Bud Light Commercial Has Dropped, And It’s Outright Atrocious

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Bud Light]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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… this was horrible.

Bud Light has been in a downward spiral — a quick one at that — ever since the Dylan Mulvaney disaster. Sales keep declining week-by-week, Anheuser-Busch’s stock has dipped, grocery stores can’t give away their Bud Light at this point, and heck, Costco has even given them the “star of death.”

Well, in an attempt to recover from the idiotic marketing decision that I still don’t understand, Bud Light has been going on an all-out social media campaign all the way to their Bud Light Backyard Tour Summer Concert Series that features music acts such as OneRepublic, Midland and Dashboard Confessional. (Who?) Yeah, exactly.

Another thing that Bud Light has been doing to try to win America’s heart back (which will never happen) is partnering with three NFL superstars — Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Dak Prescott — on an advertising campaign. Kelce and Kittle have already seen their ads drop, and now it’s Prescott’s turn.

Enjoy! Check out this god-awful commercial:

Really…? Does Bud Light really think this is going to help them win America back?

What a terrible ad — all three of them.

I see what Bud Light is trying to do, but man, they’re doing a horrible job of executing everything. Like, how they’re having a music tour with bands that nobody has heard of (especially their core audience), and then here, you’ve got them having three NFL superstars in their lap, and all they did was put out cringe commercials.

No way on God’s green earth is Bud Light recovering, especially with the poor execution. (RELATED: ‘What Does This Even Mean?’: Jonathan Issac Calls Out Charles Barkley For Bud Light Rant While Speaking Pure Truth)

But I guess it makes sense … this is the same company who came up with the brilliant marketing decision of partnering with Dylan Mulvaney for March Madness out of all events (it’s such a dude event).

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Congratulations, Bud Light.