Car Caught On Video Flying And Crashing Into Home, Leaving One Dead

[Screenshot/KMOV News]

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A driver of a vehicle is dead after slamming into a Missouri home Tuesday when the car went airborne.

Harrowing footage reveals a car traveling at a high rate of speed going airborne, flipping in the air and slamming into the front pillars of a nearby home. The video, captured from a neighbor’s doorbell camera, was provided to police for their investigation. (RELATED: Car Crashes Through Second Story Of California Home, Driver Injured)

Veronica Schoettle, who rents the home, told KMOV News that four people were inside the house at the time of the accident, including her three-year-old nephew. The force of the impact moved the child’s bed as well as the child but fortunately did not cause any injuries to him. The house, itself, is a total loss after the accident with officials designating it as condemned, the outlet stated.

Neighbors told the outlet speeding on their street is a common occurrence, resulting in multiple crashes “It’s kind of a highway in the city,” local resident Janet Moeller told the outlet.

“They do speed a lot here, like 50 or 60 up here,” neighbor Benjamin Carlin agreed, telling the outlet that the road boasts few stoplights and stop signs.

Debbie Gleiforst told the outlet her home still shows damage after it was hit by a bus earlier in 2023. “They’re driving too fast. They’re getting to be more and more people on drugs and drinking and not being safe people,” she complained.

The Gleiforsts expressed their hope that the county would do something to slow people down to reduce the number of accidents. “I just like to see them do something to help them, to slow these people down or something,” Emil Gleiforst stated.