Woman Sues Doctors For Allegedly Guiding Her Into Transition Due To Complications From An Eating Disorder


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Another detransitioner is suing her doctors for allegedly providing her with transgender medical interventions, including cross-sex hormones and a mastectomy, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Prisha Mosley alleges a doctor concluded that she was undergoing a “gender identity crisis,” after one visit to the emergency room concerning a severe eating disorder that culminated in an episode of self-harm. The 53-page-long complaint, first reported by The Daily Signal, alleges that Mosley was sexually assaulted and impregnated by an older man when she was 14, but that she miscarried the pregnancy.

While undergoing care for her eating disorder, Mosley was allegedly given a shot without her mother’s consent that would stop her from having periods. A physician discussing the possibility of transitioning with Mosley allegedly met with her in the dietician’s office in order to conceal from her parents what they were discussing. (RELATED: GOP-Controlled Louisiana Senate Passes Bill Banning Child Sex Changes Over Dem Governor’s Veto)

When Mosley noted that she was having concerns about possible weight gain due to fear of a “feminized” body, the doctor allegedly began “to guide Prisha into a gender transition,” the lawsuit states.

Mosley was worried that testosterone injections to resemble a man would cause unwanted body hair which she may find hard to handle with her OCD, a concern which doctors allegedly failed to note, according to the lawsuit.

“Prisha did not discover Dr. Perry’s misrepresentations, concealment, and wrongdoing until recently, within the last year, and could not have discovered it prior to that time in the exercise of reasonable diligence because she was vulnerable and suffered from a host of mental health issues,” the lawsuit reads.

Mosley also met with a counselor to discuss a gender transition. After a mere minutes-long meeting, the counselor allegedly told Mosley that changing her appearance to resemble a boy would “solve her many psychological and mental health problems,” according to the lawsuit. The counselor allegedly provided a letter recommending her for cross-sex hormones. The counselor allegedly made this recommendation based on the standards of care of put forth by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

Upon the recommendation, Mosley’s doctor then allegedly prescribed testosterone injections for her, the lawsuit states. Despite the treatments, Mosley’s mental health condition worsened.

“Prisha has suffered these health problems and continues to suffer from a host of medical issues and severe pain and psychological and emotional anguish as a result of Defendants’ actions. Her body will not develop the way it should have and does not function normally. She does not know if she will be able to conceive or give birth to children.”

The Daily Caller interviewed several former transgender individuals for a recent documentary “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” including Chloe Cole, Cat Cattinson, and Walt Heyer.

Cole sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Permanente Medical Group and several doctors in February, saying they provided her puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy between the ages of 13 and 17. Detransitioner Kayla Lovdahl also sued Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in June, alleging she was provided with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy by the age of 13.