Cincinnati Reds Grounds Crew Member Gets Hilariously Eaten Alive By Tarp

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @NBCSGiants]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Poor guy — not a single person had his back!

At one point during Monday night’s contest between the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants, the game ended up going into a rain delay. However, one moment was still able to keep fans entertained.

Like every baseball team, the Reds’ grounds crew was carrying the tarp to cover the infield of Great American Ball Park, but a fellow staffer ended up getting trapped under the tarp as the rest of the crew kept going without him. Things ended up being spotted on camera during the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast, with the announcers giving some play-by-play of the hilarious scene.

“Mayday – he got eaten by the tarp,” Giants analyst Hunter Pence said. “Every man left behind, fend for yourself!”


In the moment, that had to be embarrassing, and my man had to be a little irked with his colleagues as a result.

But after the fact, you have to give a good chuckle at this. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about a person getting swallowed by a tarp that’s just funny to me. I’ve seen something similar to this happen before, and it got me back then too. It’s just a funny sight.

And by the way, this is so baseball. After all, where else do they use a tarp to cover the field? (RELATED: Baltimore Orioles Unveil Their New ‘Purple Nurple’ Home Run Celebration And It’s Outright Hilarious)

This is why you can’t help but to be romantic about this game.