EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Marco Rubio Calls For Information From Moderna Into New Research, Development Venture In China

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio sent a letter Wednesday to Moderna calling for information regarding their new research and development venture in China.

The letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, explains that Moderna would be manufacturing mRNA medicines in China. As a condition of the agreement, however, any new medicines Moderna created in China would only be available to the Chinese people and could not be exported. Rubio believes this agreement is concerning for American national security and for global public health.

In the letter, Rubio also requests information from Moderna about the company’s memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), how the company plans to protect technology funded by American taxpayers, what purposes the technology will serve in China and how extensively the CCP will oversee Moderna’s operations.

“I write with regard to Moderna’s announcement to develop and manufacture mRNA medicines in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Moderna’s decision to partner with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and allow the genocidal regime exclusive access to critical intellectual property (IP), is disturbing. Let me be clear: the CCP is the U.S.’ greatest geopolitical threat, and allowing this deal to go forward would be diametrically opposed to our national interests,” Rubio wrote in the letter. (RELATED: ‘Have You Vaccinated Your Children?’: Rand Paul Grills Moderna CEO Over Adverse Vaccine Reactions)


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“Moderna has been the recipient of billions of American taxpayer dollars to research and provide vaccines to Americans to combat COVID-19. Mountains of circumstantial evidence show that the CCP, due to its negligence and secretiveness, is responsible for the start and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rubio added. “To this day, Beijing still has not approved Moderna, Pfizer, or any other non-Chinese vaccine for use in the PRC, which puts ordinary Chinese citizens, and the world, at risk to future COVID variants. Put simply, Beijing should not have access to this American taxpayer invested and hard-earned technology.” (RELATED: After Giving Them Billions, The US Government Wants To Bail Out Moderna)

Here Is The Information Rubio Requested From Moderna: 

  • How many years will Moderna’s memorandum of understanding with the PRC last?
  • How much money does Moderna intend to invest in mRNA medication development efforts in the PRC?
  • How much funding does Moderna receive from the U.S. federal government annually?
  • What steps does Moderna plan to take to protect vaccine technology funded by American taxpayers from being used to further the CCP’s MCF strategy?
  • For what purposes will Moderna’s mRNA technology be used in the PRC?
  • Can Moderna confirm that the medications developed in the PRC will only be for the exclusive use of the PRC nationals? Under what conditions would new vaccines be made available outside of the PRC?
  • Has Beijing requested that Moderna allow CCP committees to be established in any of its PRC-based facilities?

The Caller contacted Moderna about the letter to which they responded by saying: “On July 5th, we signed a memorandum of understanding and a related land collaboration agreement to work toward opportunities for Moderna to research, develop and manufacture mRNA medicines in China. These agreements are focused on strengthening health security by targeting unmet needs and contributing to the ecosystem of medical solutions available to patients in China. Any medicines produced under this agreement will be exclusively for the Chinese people – who face many of the same health challenges that affect other communities around the world – and will not be exported. We learned during the pandemic that health challenges anywhere can represent a threat to everyone, everywhere. As a result, we are committed to being part of the solution by serving the global community and improving healthcare across the world. With this announcement, we are taking further steps to deliver on our mission of creating the greatest possible impact to people through mRNA medicines.”