‘What Does This Even Mean?’: Jonathan Issac Calls Out Charles Barkley For Bud Light Rant While Speaking Pure Truth

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Holy cow … he steamrolled him.

Jonathan Issac, a forward for the Orlando Magic, shot out a glorious tweet Tuesday that called out Charles Barkley over his Bud Light rant that was intended to support the LGBTQ+ community — it just happened to be incredibly hateful.

Barkley was at a celebrity golf tournament near Lake Tahoe when he decided to flame “rednecks” and “a*sholes” who refuse to drink un-American Bud Light after their fiasco with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney back in March.

After Sir Charles (we may have to take that name away from him after this) was done with his rant, he then made the comment that he wasn’t “worried” if he ended up getting cancelled or not. Yeah … like he actually had an opinion that would get him cancelled, how laughable.

Well, Issac (who is 100% an American hero) called him out over it and took him straight to school in the process.

“What does this even mean? No one with human decency want trans or gay people dead or without rights.. God bless them all.. but it’s 1000% valid as a parent or adult to be concerned about the observable movement to influence children. Is that hateful?” tweeted Issac.

“It’s insane that In order to be the primary influence on your children you have to go to war against influencers, the media, movies, multi million and billion dollar corporations, and good people like Charles who choose to fall in line with empty politically correct statements and narratives. Nothings (sic) Charles said would get him cancelled and it’s wild that he thinks it would.”

My man kept it so G! So, so G!

I gotta do it for him — hit it!

I mean, dang, you talk about completely destroying somebody with the truth. (RELATED: Somebody Hasn’t Learned From Bud Light! Maybelline Is Repeating Their Same Dylan Mulvaney Mistake And It’s Not Pretty)

Jonathan Issac — one of my favorite NBA players and an outright American hero.